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What SquareEducation is all about?

SquareEducation is a renowned school and daycare designed using the highest international standards, to meet the needs of parents who seek nothing but the best for their little one. At SquareEducation, we focus on building a strong foundation for learning and developing the young minds. Providing high quality education, right from the school is our goal and commitment. We facilitate and build on the natural learning ability of a child using simpler teaching methods. We take ourselves as the initiative to give something back to society. Every child at BIS receives nothing but the best – the best education, the best diet, the best care.

In SquareEducation toddlers are introduced to the joys of learning – words, colors, shapes, dance, music, physical exercise and much more, using the Howard Gardner Theory of Multiple Intelligence. Student learn from the most advanced curriculum – the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.

The school we are talking about is not the school you are familiar with in the past, but it is something that you can hope for.


It is our vision to create an ideal environment that nurtures, prospers and strengthens these initial years.

The primary sketch of our vision is drawn with the following outlines:
  • Creating a second home for children through Schools, where they are nurtured with affection, care, responsibility and happiness
  • Developing a comprehensive learning environment for every child
  • Imparting thorough knowledge to parents, about the total development of their children
  • Contributing to the larger vision of crafting a better and brighter future.
  • We ensure that all students don’t just write their letters, but can express themselves as confident, capable communicators as well!
We hope to continue our endeavors’, learning and growing as an institution, in the company of the best teachers provided by nature – our little masters.


Is to create an institution where children can learn in a dynamic challenging environment, which fosters in them strong moral values and a passion for learning. We believe that knowledge is a lifelong gift that every child can be guided at his or her own pace in an environment which demonstrates love, patience and acceptance. We seek a strong foundation for your children.
Our school empowers children with traits such as leadership, confidence, self-belief, responsibility, compassion, empathy and integrity. SquareEducation prepare young learners to lead themselves before leading the world.


  • Create engaging and inspiring learning environments
  • Make time for play, reflection, listening, engagement, learning
  • Listen, document and work alongside the children as co-researchers
  • Focus on activity-based learning rather than the passive teaching methodology
  • Respect and embrace the many points of view, ideas, theories and suggestions of individual children as well as the ‘the group’
  • Encourage and support the children to work together during play and inquiry. Entrust the children to solve problems
  • Empower the children to move through the day with confidence and self-direction
  • Inspire a sense of joy, wonder and curiosity